Why Rosehip Oil Should Be Your Skincare Routine

If you happened to be a celebrity skincare junkie, you’ll know that rosehip oil is gaining great popularity, with its much-anticipated anti-aging and smoothing power. It is now the most sought-after skin food, since Miranda Kerr, the Victoria’s Secret angel, revealed that this oil is her secret weapon to obtain that gorgeous glow on her skin.

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“I put it on at night and wake up glowing.”


Rosehip oil is harvested from seeds of a special variety of rose after petals are dropped. The organic product should be extracted from cold-pressed seeds for best natural skincare use. Does it really live up to the hype? Follow through this article to find out.

There’s no scientific proof that rosehip oil is the best answer to all major skin problems, but it doesn’t mean that our skin can’t benefit from this nourishing seed extract, according to Gary Goldenbert, medical director of Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice.

Rosehip oil is abundant with natural beauty essentials, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E. It may not work for everyone, but with these highly valued potent skincare ingredients, rosehip oil can bring big results for treating potential skin problems. Here are specific benefits you will get from regular application of rosehip seed oil with the right way to use it.

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Rosehip oil — Moisturizing and Nourishing

We all know, for a healthy skin, NO. 1 rule is to stay fully hydrated. Rosehip oil boasts nourishing fatty acids that deeply hydrate skin, which are also the main ingredients in most moisturizers. For dry and flaky skin, it can be a great natural alternative for moisturizing.

How to use: Take 2-3 drops on your fingertips, rub the fingers together and gently massage the oil on clean and dry face, neck, hair, scalp and related areas. For oily skin, add 2-3 drops in your moisturizer or cream is fine. But for acne-prone skin, stay away from this method and use normal moisturizer that won’t cause breakout, as rosehip oil will further irritate existing blemishes.

Rosehip oil — Anti-aging and –wrinkle

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients allow rosehip oil to treat wrinkles, pigmentation and aging signs. It stimulates your skin to generate collagen, thus reduce fine lines and stretch marks. Better still, it is fast absorbing, and won’t have the greasy and oily feel of traditional oil when applying with your skincare routine.

How to use: rub it on clean skin, and around eyes (can be used as eye cream!), both mornings and evenings.

Rosehip Oil — Give You the Healthy Glow

Rosehip seed oil helps soothe rosacea and eczema because of its astringent and moisturizing properties. So, it is good for sensitvie skin — tightens your pores and brightens your skin. Despite that rosehip oil is not recommended for acne skin, this oil is ideal for treating acne marks and scars. All these give you the luminous sheen we all love.

How to use: pat a few drops on cleansed skin at bedtime.

In a world we develop an increasing preference for natural products, rosehip seed oil will be a must have. Just remember, opt for organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil to ensure highest level of effective ingredients, and keep it somewhere cool and dark, or even in the fridge.

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