GoLexa – 完全免费的All-In-One SEO站长工具

十一月 18, 2008

GoLexa SEO Search Tool 是一个完全免费的,全面的SEO工具

GoLexa 搜索引擎优化/站长工具可用于:关键词研究,排名分析,链接分析,链接建设;它基本具备了所有与SEO相关要素相关的功能,非常好用,不过国内无法访问,请使用代理或VPN访问。

GoLexa 特色

  • Alexa Traffic Report – Reach, Traffic Rank and Page Views (Alexa Thumbnails)
  • Google PageRank™, Link Stats (index, inbound, outbound etc.) to determine Link Popularity
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer Support
  • WayBack Machine (Archive.org)
  • Page Size Analysis
  • Site Speed Estimation for several connection speeds
  • IP Address Info (Geo/IP Targeting)
  • Site Report (Domain, DNS, Server)
  • View Source Code and Source Code Stats
  • Spider Simulation
  • Google Adsense Ad prediction (Adsense SandBox)
  • Google Groups Keyword Search
  • Overture Keyword Analysis
  • Compare Google-Yahoo Results (Graphic)
  • Link Exchange Partners Finder for these Keywords
  • Top 15 Results by NicheBot.com
  • Generate possible Domain Names
  • Live comparison of keyword prices
  • Blog Search (for Keyword)
  • Online BookMarks at major Web 2.0 Bookmarking Sites
  • Search by Page Rank
  • Common Keyword Typos
  • Overture Traffic Data/Projections
  • BackLink Analyzer




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